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Fast On-Demand Repairs

We know you want your phone fixed fast and we’ve designed our service to deliver exactly that. Our intensively trained TEKU technicians can meet you on-site and fix your phone or tablet right in front of you!

Lifetime Warranty

We’re not doing these repairs from our mom’s basement flying by the seat of our pants. We’ve got years of experience with all sorts of smartphones and iOS devices. We also stand behind our work 100% with a bullet-proof LIFETIME WARRANTY

Android Repair

We also stock parts for tons of other Android phonees as well, inculding all the popular Samsung galaxy models, HTC, Nokia and more! Give us a shout and check out our competitive prices!

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Broken or cracked iPhone screens and other hardware issues can be a really big inconvenience, and navigating all the repair options is often confusing, especially if you’re in a rush. We do iPhone repair differently. Upfront, honest pricing and on-site, on-demand service is what we are all about. We know your phone is super important to you and it’s an absolute inconvenience to be without it even for a few hours, so it takes us a maximum of 60 minutes to do most repairs and we do it right in front of you. We have all parts in stock and don’t charge anything extra to come on-site and fix your phone. Whatever your problem, we’ve repaired it before and have the experience to let you know if it’s possible or if you should scrap the device all together.

On top of that we stand behind all our work with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and only use high quality parts for everything from screen to home button replacements. See the difference quality, price and convenience makes, bring your device in today!

You might think you’re better off taking your broken iPhone 5 to a retail Apple location, however we actually offer a much more efficient solution. Apple will essentially give you a new phone for around $200 (depending on your model), but most issues like battery replacement or screen repair can cost anywhere from $50-150 if you’re going through us. No backing up your data, and we can always get your repairs done faster with our expedited service option!

In terms of iPad repair, we unfortunately cannot promise same day repair due to the nature of replacing the glass and/or digitizer. Apple uses a special adhesive to keep the glass on top of the digitizer and when this is replaced it does take some time for it to settle properly. So usually promise a 24 hour turnaround time with all iPad models, however if you are able to bring it in early enough, we may be able to get it done the same day. Feel free to give us a call and we can let you know!

Our process is quite simple. Call us or book online and we’ll send a qualified TEKU technician with the required components to the location you’ve specified. They will fix your device and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Afterwards, leave your specific TEKU technician a review and let others know how awesome the process was!

My Screen Is badly Damaged, Can You Fix It?

We do tons of screen repairs every day, and regardless of how badly smashed or cracked your phone is, we can fix it. We actually don’t fix individual cracks and blemishes opting instead to replace the entire front display which is more cost effective. We can usually get a iPhone 4 or 5 screen repair done while you wait in a matter of 30 minutes. Bring your phone in today!

What About Water Damaged Phones?

While some repairs we do are pretty straight forward, water damage is not always something that can be fixed. We do offer an emergency dry out service where we fully disassemble your phone, remove any excessive moisture and discover which internal components can be replaced to bring your phone back to life.